The purpose of this blog is to provide information and speculation on global and post-planetary issues and the near and distant futures of architecture, urbanism, and cross-disciplinary design. Initially following and documenting my work in the Post-Planetary Design seminar at Parsons The New School for Design this site will be updated periodically throughout the course and into the future in support of ongoing research.

Post-Planetary is a research seminar exploring all aspects of design at a post-planetary scale. Throughout the semester we will screen scifi films, read bright and dark futurologies, scan, debate, and re-scan critical histories and theories, and ultimately produce a set of ‘black papers’, short videos and/or interactive projects that speculate on the next 50 to one thousand years of cross disciplinary design. Outside guests and collaborators will participate in the course via guest lectures, workshops, panels, and be invited to join in the creation of a set of content modules outlining the full spectrum of risks and benefits of going off-world, of taking ecology beyond the human, and beyond the planet.

–        Ed Keller, Parsons The New School for Design, School of Design Strategies

Please contact me at pickb076@newschool.edu with comments or questions.

For more information about me and my other work please refer to www.pickard-design.com

– Brian Pickard